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February 10, 2009
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Chapter 7

The next morning Sophie woke up and yawned.  She lifted her head of the bed and looked over at Rick, then smirked.  He was lying on his back, with all four limbs in the air above him.  She stared at him a few minutes, then realized that she was looking over his whole body.  Sophie started to blush and looked away, then she shook her head and got off the bed, stretched, then walked over the other side of the bed and whispered in Rick's ear, “Wake up, it's morning.”  He groaned a bit, then opened a single eye and looked at Sophie.  He realized that she was upside down, so he lifted his head up and looked at himself.  “Wonder when this happened,” he said while rolling over.  Sophie smiled and said, “Probably in your sleep, now come on let's go.”  He stood up and stretched a lot like a cat.  Sophie started to blush again while looking at his body, she hadn’t noticed it before, but he was surprisingly muscular.

He hopped off the bed and noticed her staring at him alittle strangely; he raised an eyebrow, smiled at her and said, “Like what you see?” “Hu… what oh um I’m sorry,” she answered nervously.  She walked in front of him and led him to another room in the temple; this one was long and rectangular with a long table in the middle.  Everyone including the guardians were sitting around it talking about something.  “Look, they're alive.” Fugeo said making everyone turn towards them.  “Ah there you are.” Cyril said, “I was just about to send for you. Come sit, eat something; we must speak with you more about Malefor."  Sophie and Rick walked over and sat down next to Spyro and Cynder, who both seem to be in a good mood about something.

“We have already warned the civilians of Malefor’s return.” Volteer said, “However it is a necessity to inquire more knowledge regarding, this can you enlighten us about anything else.” Rick paused for a second to think about what he was asking, “Well, I don’t really know much else,” he answered, “No, wait… I remember something about when I was in convexity, I remember like I was being watched, and not just by Ignitus, it felt like someone else was watching me, almost like I was being...tested.  I don’t know why but I remember something…or someone was there.” “Do you think it might be Malefor?” Spyro asked.  “Maybe.” Cynder said, “Remember when we fought him Ignitus said that when a dragon dies, their soul doesn’t leave this world, that it becomes part of it.  Maybe Malefor is in convexity again, trapped in the Well of Souls, just like last time.”

“It’s possible.” Terrador said, “But we won’t know unless someone goes the Mount Malefor and looks.”  Everyone was silent for a sort while, but then Sophie stood up and said, “I’ll go.” Everyone looked at her and Rick said, “What no you can’t, it’s too dangerous.”  “Yeah.” Fugeo said, "We can’t just send you alone, you’ll need help.  I’ll go to.”  “No.” Sophie said, “The fewer of us there are, the better.”  The guardians were quiet for a minute, then Cyril said, “I agree with Sophie, only one of us should go, and unfortunately we are too old to be sneaking around. Besides Sophie’s light abilities will allow her to hide herself, to turn invisible.”  Rick looked over at her with a scared look and she looked back, “I’ll be fine,” she said softly to him.  He slowly nodded, then everyone finished eating their breakfast. An hour later, everyone said their goodbyes to Sophie, “Please be careful, I don’t want you to get hurt.” Rick said.  She smiled and said, “Thank you for your concern but I can take care of myself, I’m stronger then you think.”

“I never said you were weak I just… I just don’t want you to get hurt,” he answered.  She was aware that everyone was watching, but gave Rick a gentle kiss on the forehead, “I’ll be ok.”  Rick nodded and then Sophie picked up a small bag of supplies she had been given, then turned around and flew away.  Fugeo walked up to Rick and said, “Don’t worry dude, she’ll be fine, she’s been though worse trust me. You wouldn’t know it, but she has gotten more injuries then I can count, the only reason she doesn’t scar is because of her light power allowing her to heal.”  Rick took a deep breath and then nodded, “Thanks,”  he said.  Everyone turned around and started to walk into the temple, but Rick stopped and looked back at Sophie, who was already just a shadow in the in the sky.

“Come on.” Spyro called. Rick started to walk into the temple.  “Come on.” Cynder said, “The guardians are helping the city prepare for any possible attacks, so we should see some of your skills.”  Rick and the others walked to the dojo and began to train.

Sophie flew as fast as she could towards Mount Malefor, and on the way she started to feel sad for some reason.  All she could think about was whether or not she would see her friends again.  Then she remembered how concerned Rick seemed about her.  Sophie looked back at the city wall as it sank below the horizon.  About a day and a half later Mount Malefor was in view.   A huge citadel had been built on the base of the mountain.  It was the biggest building she had ever seen, even bigger then all of Warfang.

“No,” she gasped, realizing that a huge army was gathering at the base of the mountain.  She stopped and hovered in the air high above the massive citadel.  Sophie examined the army, and saw that they were getting ready to march somewhere.  “I have to warn them.” She thought.  Sophie turned around and began to fly back towards Warfang, but suddenly she heard something behind her.  Sophie looked behind her, and saw a group of wyverns flying towards her.  She became scared and tried to fly as fast as she could.  “I can’t fight them, not here,” Sophie thought, “I’ll be seen!”  Sophie used her light powers to turn herself invisible and luckily, the wyverns that were chasing here stopped and looked around.  She sighed in relief and flew away, still invisible.  Later that night she stopped and landed on the top of a small hill.  She lit a fire and curled up to go to sleep.  However just as she was about to doze off she heard something.  Sophie lifted her head and looked around, “Hello who’s the-“Before she could finish something hit her in the back of the head and she lost consciousness.  “Cage her.” a deep voice said.

Sophie woke up later inside of a prison cage; she stood up and looked around. “No…” she said.  Sophie tried to find a way out but she was completely sealed in so she went to the back left corner of her prison and curled on the floor.  She tried to think about what would happen now but for some reason all she could think about was Rick.  About ten minutes later she heard someone coming, she remained still as a large dark dragon came into view, “Hello…” it said in a hellish voice to her with an evil grin.
chapter 7 of my fanfic

looks like Sophie has gotten herself into some trouble, wonder what will happen next?

Editing done by :iconloyboys:

all characters are copyright to their respective owners
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I like it, I really do. And I can see major im provements to the earlier chapters. Good work.
No this connot be!!!

Fugeo: Sound after trouble!
:) yep well pretty soon Sophie wont be the only one in trouble
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