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May 5, 2009
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Chapter 24

Spyro and Cynder listened carefully as Ignitus described Spyro’s mother to them.  “Your mother was named Topaz.” Ignitus said, “She was an Earth Dragon green and gold in color.  In fact you Spyro got you gold colors from her; she had two gold horns that curled down sharply and a small club like object at the end of her tail.  Despite being an Earth dragon though, she wasn’t built like one, of course she was very strong, but not like Terrador here, she had a seemingly delicate frame and was quiet graceful.  Topaz had a lot of skill in fighting with her powers and could even control metal which was unique in earth dragons, most can only control the ground around them and the plants that grow in it.”  Ignitus took a deep breath, “I miss her so much.”  “What happened?” Cynder asked.  Ignitus answered, “When the temple was attacked by Gaul, when I took your egg, Spyro, she stayed behind to try and protect the others,  when I got back…” he paused, “She was gone, just… gone, she just disappeared.”  Ignitus laid down and covered his eyes.  “I should have stayed behind, I SHOULD HAVE PROTECTED HER!  It was all my fault.”  Spyro walked over and placed a paw on his should and said, “It’s alright dad, you did what you could.”  He sat up and gained control of himself, “Still… I wish I could have helped her.”  “You still have Spyro.” Cynder said.  Ignitus smirked and said, “True, and I glad about that.”  Flint started to stir and woke up.  He looked up at Cynder and peeped. Everyone laugh knowing that he wanted to be feed, “Why don’t you go spend some time with Ignitus, it’s time for Flint to eat anyway.” Cynder said.  Spyro agreed and gave her a quick kiss and followed Ignitus out of the temple.  Cynder smiled went to go get some food for Flint.  Later on in the city Spyro and Ignitus were browsing for items that might interest them.  Ignitus looked at Spyro who was examining what looked like a baby toy.  He laughed and said, “You and Cynder are going to be good parents, are you happy to be a father?”  Spyro looked at him and said, “Of course I am, me and Cynder are.”  Ignitus laughed again and said, “I can tell.”

Rick and the others were getting close to the city, about a day’s trip away, although there encounter with the pirates slowed them down abit.  Half way through the day they stopped to rest for alittle while.  A few minutes later, Neo decided to go for a walk, leaving Sophie and Rick alone.  The sat silently for awhile until Sophie finally said, “Hey Rick can I ask you something?”  He looked over at her and nodded.  Sophie cleared her throat and asked, “Why did you save me?  You could have just left me to die; I mean were from completely different worlds and yet you still came to help me.”  Rick stiffened and felt the scales on the back of his neck stand up, “Uh, well I… uh” he took a deep breath, “I saved you because I didn’t want anything bad to happen to you, if… if anything did… I would never forgive myself.”  She stood up and walked over to him, then sat down next to him, “What do you mean?” she asked.  “I guise I mean that I care about… you…” he said then looked away abit to avoid Sophie’s eyes.  When she was silent he looked back over and saw she was smiling.  Sophie leaned forward and kissed him quickly and said, “Rick, I care about you too.”  “Really?” Rick asked, “You do?”  Sophie nodded and said, “Well they do say opposites attract.”  Her body seemed to become brighter slightly as she emphasized her light powers.  Rick smile and wrapped an arm around her and leaned in to kiss her.  They kissed for nearly a minute then Rick pulled away and looked at Sophie and said, “Sophie… I love you.”  She rubbed her forehead on his and said, “I love you too, Rick.”
chapter 24

every story need that one corny chapter :), i know this chapter is short but i was in a hurry and i really didnt have any ideas for this one, so i just though i would end the wait between Rick and Sophie admiting there feelings

all characters are property of their respective owners
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YAY more love babies on the way!!! YArHARG!!! XP
lol, thx im glad you like it
thank you... wow how did yw come out of that... THERE NO W IN THANK YOU (slaps face)
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