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March 14, 2009
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Chapter 13

Deep within Rick’s mind his dark and his true side fought for control.  Rick fought to break the bonds that held his prisoner within his own body.  He concentrated all his energy on them but the closest he could get to breaking free was causing them to flicker in and out of existence.  “Let… me… go…” he said, “I… will… ne… never let you hurt my friends, I’ll fight you for control even if it takes years…”  His dark form appeared in front of him out of a dark cloud, “How DARE you interrupt me.”  He said, “I should just get rid of you right now.  This is NOT your body anymore, this is NOT your mind, it is MINE!!!”  The dark dragon wrapped his claws around Rick’s neck like a vise and started to squeeze.  Rick’s concentration on the chains lessened and they stopped flickering.  The dark dragon made the chains disappear, lifted Rick up and slammed Rick into an invisible floor.  Rick’s vision went black for a split second and then returned to normal.  “No…” Rick said, “THIS IS MY MIND!!!  And what I saw in here goes.”  Rick disappeared into a black cloud, His dark form lost grip of him and the cloud slipped underneath him and disappeared from sight.  “What is this?” the dark dragon said.  He looked around but saw nothing then from all around him he heard, “I will never let you take control of my again.”  The same black cloud reappeared behind him only this time it was larger.  The dark dragon turned around and looked at the cloud as it vanished revealing a dragon the same size as him.  Rick glared at his dark half with anger and since his dark form was a humanoid dragon, he was too.  Rick and his evil side assumed their own battle stances and stared at each other… waiting.

“What’s happening in there?” Fugeo asked, limping towards his sister.  Cynder returned to her normal form which caused her wing to become damaged again.  Rick’s body had become still he wasn’t even breathing.  “I don’t know.” Cynder answered, “But we better get out of here it looks like those creatures are coming.”  Fugeo slowly and painfully sat down, “I don’t think I can… I can barely walk… I struggled just to get here…” he said.  Cynder looked over at him and saw that some of his smaller wounds were already starting to heal, but the larger ones were going to take some time.  “Well.” She answered, “We have a choice.”  Cynder walked over to her injured brother and placed her undamaged wing over his back and helped him walk somewhere safe.  “I hope Rick will be alright… I don’t think I will be able to fight him again…” she thought, “I too weak to keep myself under control.”

Rick and his dark side charged at each other.  When the two got close enough locked hands and started to push each other.  “You will never win.” his dark side growled.  “Yes I will” he answered, “Because I have something worth protecting, you have nothing; you’re just some dark monster who wants to destroy everything that you think is unimportant.”  “That’s not TRUE!!!!” The dark dragon yelled suddenly filled with rage.  He leaned to the side and used Rick’s weight to knock Rick over..  Before Rick could stand up the dragon held his head down and used dark energy to immobilize him.  He leaned down next to Rick and said in his ear, “You know nothing of my purpose… my mission is pure… my reasons are just… I am trying to save this chaotic realm, existence is chaos, it is unorderly and unnecessary, the only way there can truly be peace it the destruction of existence itself, the void is the only place where peace can truly the achieved, so tell me because I wish to know, what is so important to you that you are willing to allow chaos to continue?”  Rick looked at his dark form, he had heard every word that he had said and was very confused by it.  “How can existence be chaos, think about it if you’re my dark side then how could you possibly exist if I didn’t…”  The dragon stared at him then stood up abit.  “You’re smarter then you look… but your question is simple, I have always existed, since the beginning of time itself my realm, the void, is the true birthplace of all others, I have tried of an eternity to break free from it although I can never truly free myself.  My destiny as well as yours is to destroy this realm.”  Rick thought then answered, “What… you have been waiting for me… to free you… just so you could destroy everything I’ve ever known?”  “Please…” the dragon said, “You’re not the first that I’ve taken control of… I have destroyed countless realms before this one, although I have never truly been able to free myself in order to travel to the other realms without a host.”  Rick was speechless.  “What’s the matter, don’t understand… humph... figures no one truly understands my purpose.  But just in case it helps your feeble little mind understand, my name is… Armageddon, the end of the world.”  “You will never destroy this realm.” Rick said, “I won’t allow it.”  He started to feel himself filling with energy.  The chains that bound him shattered and he flung Armageddon off of him.  Rick stood up and faced him..  Armageddon stood up and looked at him.  “You may be the destroyer of realms.” Rick said, “But I… I am the guardian of all realms, I understand now… you will never win.”  Rick charged at Armageddon and attacked him.  He dodged all Ricks attack and at the first opening he threw Rick to the side. “Please.” Armageddon said, “I have more experience then you.”  “I don’t need to be experienced to beat you.” Rick said, “I just need to be stronger then you.”  Rick stood up and charged again.  Armageddon dodged his attacks again and threw Rick away a second time.  Rick vanished into a dark cloud and reappeared behind Armageddon.  He grabbed his shoulders and threw him to the ground.  Rick grabbed Armageddon’s throat and threw him into an invisible wall.  He fell but landed on his feet.  Rick glared at him and said, “I won’t let you hurt anyone else ever again.”  He lifted his hand up and a sword appeared in his hand.  Armageddon saw and did the same thing.  They both charged began to swing the weapons at each other, as a human Rick would have more chance of dodging the attacks but as a dragon he was much faster and stronger.  They fought for what seem like hours but neither gave up.  At one point Armageddon had knocked Rick backwards causing him to spin, he took advantage of it and turned the sword into a long chain with a axe head at the end.  The axe struck Armageddon in the waste causing him to fall.  Rick used the same energy that he had used to immobilize him.  Armageddon was unable to move a muscle but he was outraged, “HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!!!” Armageddon yelled, “I AM THE MOST POWERFUL BEING EVER!!!”  “Guise you’re not as powerful as you think.” Rick said, “You’re never taking control of me again.”  Rick picked Armageddon’s head up and said, “Looks like you lose.”  Rick dropped Armageddon’s head and turned around.  He walked away and then disappeared from sight.  Armageddon simply smiled, “Oh well…” he disappeared from Ricks mind.

Rick woke up and lifted his head off the ground.  He had returned to his old self but this time he stood on two legs instead of four.  Suddenly he heard moans as if hundreds of living things were in pain.  He stumbled, still weak, to an area that he could see Malefor’s army, what was left of it.  The creatures Armageddon had summoned were acting strange and looked like they were disappearing.  They moaned and screamed then turned to black clouds and disappeared from the battlefield.  “Oh no…” Rick said as half of Malefor’s army remained.  They started to head toward the city again.
heres chapter 13 :)

hope they can get rid of the army

edited by :iconloyboys:

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YEAH!!! *giant purple foamy-finger* GoRick!
is rick a human or dragon?
Bad news... very bad news...

Fugeo: Ok... where is the next mirage?

Well... it needs something to defeat this army...
oh i know that lol ^^; i didnt get what you mean
I mean... how they want to defeat this army now?
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