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March 3, 2009
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Chapter 12

The strange creatures charged at the army while flying versions started dog fights with the many wyverns and grubblins in the air.  Fugeo, Spyro, and Cynder flew high in the air and look around.  “THIS IS CRAZY!” Cynder said, “What are these things?!”  “I don’t know.” Fugeo said.  “Whatever they are we better not bother them, looks like there only interested in the soldiers.”  They heard a loud roar behind them and all turned around and saw Rick flying at them with his arms outstretched.  They dodged him just in time while he swung his razor sharp claws at them.  “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Spyro yelled.  Rick stopped himself and spun around, “Eliminating you.” He said, “You will not stop me from conquering this word.”  “What?” Cynder yelled at him, “Rick as you crazy, I thought you were here to help us!”  He charged at her and struck her left wing slicing the membrane into ribbons.  She started to fall.  “CYNDER!!!” Spyro yelled diving after her.  “I am here to destroy this world, NO ONE CAN STOP ME!!! NO ONE!!!” He yelled.  “How dare you attack my sister!” Fugeo yelled.  He took a deep breath and launched a beam of fire at Rick, he flew to the left but wasn’t fast enough.  The beam struck him in the hip and caused him to roar in pain.  He lost him balance and began to fall.  

Spyro dove after Cynder as fast as he could.  She was tumbling through the air trying regain her balance and lift.  Spyro finally caught up to her less than 30 feet above the ground.  He grabbed her and turned upward.  He used his wings like parachutes and slowed himself down.  Unfortunately he wasn’t able to slow down enough and hit the ground very roughly.  Luckily he nor Cynder was hurt.  They lifted their heads and looked around; they had landed near the city’s main gate.  “Are you alright?” Spyro asked.  Cynder nodded and looked up at Rick who was just beginning to regain his balance.  He flipped through the air and began to go after Fugeo.  “Spyro… what happened… that’s not Rick, something’s wrong.” Cynder said.  “I don’t know… ” he said, “But I’m bringing you somewhere safe.  And you NOT using you dark form, not like this.”  He picked Cynder up and gently places her on his back.  He flew over the city wall and headed toward the temple.

Sophie watched as Rick regained his balance and started attacking Fugeo relentlessly.  Fortunately Fugeo was fast enough to dodge most of the blows, but some did hit him very hard.  “I’ll kill you.” Rick said.  He swung his tail around and sliced Fugeo’s leg.  He yelled in pain.  “NO!!! RICK STOP!!! THIS ISNT YOU!!!” Sophie yelled.  

As Fugeo dropped away Rick looked down at him and started to laugh.  Fugeo looked up at him and took a deep breath.  He took aim and released another beam of fire which hit Rick who was unprepared dead on.  He started to drop from the sky, but due to the devastating power of the attack Rick had become paralyzed.  Fugeo spun around and moved to the side just as Rick fell past him.  Rick fell to the ground and created a small crater were he hit.  He had landed away from the rest of the war between his minions and the minions of Malefor.  Fugeo looked down at him, he couldn’t help but be impressed, “Wow…” he thought, “Rick pretty powerful, he’s still breathing.”  He looked down at his leg which was bleeding very badly.  “Oh no.” Fugeo said, “This isn’t good he hit the artery.  This is going to hurt… alot…” He bent his leg back and used his neck to turn his head back.  He took a deep breathed and breathed a fire around his leg.  He cauterized the vein and skin around the wound but it only would hold the bleeding for a short period of time.  He looked at the rest of himself afterwards; he had browses all over his body and bad cuts around his arms and head.

Rick remained still for a few more seconds then was able to move again.  He lifted his head up and looked up at Fugeo who was busy do something to his leg.  He snarled and said, “He’s stronger than I thought.  But I grow tired of this, I will end this now.”  A dark cloud like aura surrounded Rick, he stood up on his back legs and his body shape changed.  His shoulders went back abit and became broader, his pelvis rotated and his leg muscles became thicker.  He now stood on two legs and had become a humanoid dragon.  Rick crossed his arms in front of his chest and curled forward slightly.  The black cloud became thicker and thicker until it blocked all vision of him.  Fugeo looked down at him.  “What’s going on down there?” he said.  The black cloud began to grow larger and large until it started to separate into smaller clouds.  Under it a bright purple glow could be seen.  As the cloud disappeared Fugeo saw Rick now had a large dome of void energy around his body.  Rick looked up at him and smiled maliciously, “Time to die…” Rick said.  He crouched down and jumped into the air.  Rick flew towards Fugeo and when he was close enough he used his void breath, it hit the aura and it vibrated for a few seconds then a huge beam shot out of it and was headed straight for Fugeo’s head, somehow the orb of energy amplified his attacks.  Fugeo rolled to the side but wasn’t fast enough, the beam hit him in the wing and badly damaged it.  Fugeo yelled in pain and tumbled.  Rick flew to him before he could straighten out and grabbed him by the neck.  Fugeo looked at him, “You traitor.”  Rick stock his head alittle like something bothered him, then looked at Fugeo, “Shut up… I was never on your side weakling.”  He started to raise the dragon up them threw Fugeo down.  Due to his damaged wing he couldn’t fly and fell to the ground.  As Fugeo struck the ground a shallow crater formed.  Rick glided down to the ground and landed on two legs.  He walked up to Fugeo who was lying in the crater; he was still alive but just barely.  Rick smiled and began to rear back.  Fugeo looked up at him with blurred vision and saw a blurry purple ball form in him mouth.  It grew and grew until it was the same size as Fugeo.  A beam shot out of the orb.

Then just as it was about to hit him another beam, this one appearing to be a convexity beam appeared.  It struck the void beam and caused it to destabilize and vanish.  A pitch black dragon with black clouds rolling off its body appeared in front of Fugeo.  It was Cynder!  Her wing looked completely healed.  “I don’t care what Spyro says, I’m not letting you hurt my friends…” she said.  Cynder had let her dark side take control of her.  “Cynder… what… what are you doing?” Fugeo asked.  “Saving your sorry ass…” Cynder answered.  She charged at Rick and slammed her head into his chin.  He fell backward onto the ground.  Cynder flew into the air; Rick looked up at her and snarled.  “You little bitch!” He yelled.  Rick stood up and jumped into the air after her.  “I’LL KILL YOU!!!” he yelled.  Rick caught up with Cynder and grabbed her tail, then yanked on it to stop her movement.  She breathed a convexity beam and his wrist and he let go.  He yelled in pain and flew back from her as she righted herself.  “I will destroy you.” Cynder said, “How DARE you turn on us!”

Spyro looked at her with disbelief.  “No…” he said, “I TOLD HER NOT TO!” he became scared for her but was unable to leave, he had to keep soldiers who had snuck past the monstrous creatures that Rick had summoned from climbing over the city wall.  “I can’t lose her.” Spyro said.  He was about to fly up and help her while she fought Rick but was stopped when he heard someone calling for help.  He turned around and saw a group of orcs surrounding two moles.  He charged at them and grabbed one of the orcs.  He yanked it away and froze it solid with his ice breath.  He burned two more and crushed the last few with his earth abilities.  He walked up to the moles and asked, “Are you guys alright.”  “Yes.” One answered, “thank you Spyro, you saved our lives.”  Spyro nodded and looked back up in the sky.  He noticed that something was wrong with Rick; he now seemed to be hesitating with his attacks, almost like he was trying to fight whatever was controlling him.
Cynder stopped attacking Rick and watched still as her dark form, as he started to shake.  The purple aura that surrounded him started to destabilize and faded away.  He started to moan and struggled to say something, “I….… I……. won’t…… let……. you…….. control me………”  “I will not let you take control…….” He said.  Rick placed his claws on his head and started to groan.  “You will not win.” He said, “I……. will…….. Cy- Cynder!  Hit……. me……. hit me as hard as you can……”  She charged at him and rammed in the chest; Rick started to fall.  He hit the ground and started to violently convulse.
heres chapter 12 of my story

hmm looks like Fugeo got pretty messed up, i wonder what will happen next

editing done by :iconloyboys:

all characters are propety of their respective owners
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Good chapter! :)

Fugeo: Why guys has a fable to let me get hurt?
what do you mean?
He means: Why we do like it to let him get hurt...
dont worry he lives he'll recovers soon
It's a good massange!
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