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May 30, 2009
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Chapter 3

Sophie ran toward Rick as fast as she could.  He leapt down the wall and as she got closer he could see tears in her eyes.  She held her arms out and wrapped them around Rick.  She hugged him tightly and Rick wrapped his arms and wings around her, “I’ve missed you so much.” He whispered in her ear.  Sprocket jumped down the wall using the various piles of rubble and destroyed building to reach the ground.  “So have I.” Sophie said.  She lifted her head off his shoulder and looked him in the eye.  “How did you get here, I thought you had to go back to your world.”  Sophie asked.  “Well I did… that’s it up there.” He said as he pointed into the sky at Earth which was easily visible.  Sophie gasped and said, “What he said was true!”  “Who?” Sprocket asked.  “Armageddon.” Sophie answered.  “What?!” Rick said, “I thought he was gone, I thought we got rid of him when Malefor was destroyed.”  “No.” Sophie answered, “He drained our world of its life energy, he said he was going to crash our planet into Earth.”  Rick looked at Sprocket and asked, “What are we going to do?”  “I don’t know…” Sprocket answered, “I’ve never dealed with anything like this even in my time.”  “Wait… your time?” Sophie asked.  “Yeah.” Sprocket answered, I’m from the future.”  “But then that must mean our worlds didn’t crash there must be something in history about this?”  “No.” Sprocket answered, “The very fact that I’m in this time period causes time to take a different course.  I altered time when I came here and because of that I don’t know what going to happen.”  “We’ll talk about this later.” Rick said, “Where are the others?”  “At the temple… or… what’s left of it.”  She pointed toward it, the entire left side of the temple was gone but the right side seemed in good shape.  “Follow me.” Sophie said and let go of Rick, she started to walk toward it.  Rick and Sprocket looked around the remains of the city.  When they got to the temple they walked inside and Sophie led them to the training room which had been turned into a large gathering room.  Inside were Spyro, Cynder, Fugeo, Diamond, Neo, Saph, Mendeleine, Alex, and Flint.  The four younger dragons were asleep but everyone looked older.  The dragons had grown almost twice as big; Neo had a large body and more defined features, Flint, Saph, Alex, and Mendeleine were larger and their muscles were developing.  Alex slept quietly while Flint was curled around her.  Everyone turned toward them and yelled excitedly, “RICK?!”  “Hey everyone…” he answered, “I told you Cynder that robot was just to check out what was going on.”  “I guess so.” She answered.  “Oh! Everyone this is my friend Amanda.”  She stepped forward and waved politely, “Hi everyone, you can just call me Sprocket, I don’t mean to be rood or anything, but what happened here.”  “Armageddon.” Spyro answered, “He drained our world of its life energy and this happened, the cities all over the world crumbled; only the strongest of us have survived.”  “How long ago was this?” Rick asked.  “About six months ago.” Diamond answered, “He appeared a few days ago and said through a portal that he was going to destroy our world as well as yours.  He said he wanted to get rid of any threats to his ‘ultimate goal’.  “I think he meant you Rick.” Cynder answered.  “This is terrible.” Sprocket answered, “We need to get back to Earth, I need to do some research about how to stop this, there might be something we can do to slow this collision down.”  “Yeah.” Rick said. “Let’s get back to the rocke- DADDY!” Alex yelled as she tackled him, “I missed you daddy!  Where did you go?!”  Everyone couldn’t help but laugh.  “It feels good to laugh.” Neo said.  Flint and the others woke up and everyone stood.  Sprocket laughed and said, “Come one guys follow me.”  Alex climbed off of her father and let him stand.  “It’s good to see you again.” Rick said as he gave her a quick hug.  He stood and for the next few minutes they walked to the rocket.  While they walked Alex and Flint started to wrestle.  Rick laughed and said, “We’ll she sure it a rough player.”  “Yeah.” Sophie said with a smile, “she a real tomboy.”  Sophie placed her arm around Ricks and lean on him.  When they reached the rocket the dragons looked up at it.  “What is that?” Spyro asked.  “It will help us get to Earth.” Rick answered.  “You all should be able to fit inside but it will be tight.”  She looked at her dragonic body and said, “I hope this is fixed once we leave the atmosphere…” they all climbed into the rocket and Rick quickly showed them how to strap themselves in.  Sophie sat right behind him with Alex sitting in the chair next to her.  Neo had no problem sitting but for the non-humanoid dragons it was alittle awkward.  Sprocket sat down and activated the rocket. “Hold on everyone.” She said.  The thrusters rumbled and the rocket lifted off.  Everyone started to panic but Rick made sure to keep them calm.  The rocket left the atmosphere and he undid his strap.  He started to float.  He flip upside down and tried to fix himself again, he couldn’t, he crossed his arms as he floated back to the end of the cockpit and said, “Ok… this is just stupid.” Everyone watched him with strange looks and Alex laughed.  She undid her strap and started to float around too, “Weeeeee” she said Sophie smiled and undid her as well.

As they got closer to Earth Sprocket told them the buckle back up and repair to land.  As they entered the atmosphere everyone suddenly convulsed in their seats Rick and Sprocket turned back to their normal selves but everyone else was taking longer to change.  The rocket landed and lowered down again into Sprocket’s workshop.  Rick and Sprocket helped them out of the rocket and they all laid on the ground.  “Everyone.” Rick said, “Just relax trust me it happened to Sprocket when we entered your world atmosphere.  “I’m scared.” Sophie gasped.  Rick lay a hand on her shoulder and said, “I know, but don’t worry I’m here.”
Within minutes they had all become human.  Sophie’s hair had grown abit longer and had turned blonde, her skin was just abit lighter than Rick’s and she was now wearing a purple summer dress, her eyes had stayed the same color.  Alex had dark hair that grew down to her shoulders and covered her ying-yang birth mark which was still on her forehead.  She was wearing a purple shirt and a pair of blue jeans.  Spyro’s hair was electric yellow; he wore a purple jacket with a yellow shirt under it and a pair of loose blue jeans.  Cynder’s hair was black and her skin was slightly darker in color than everyone else’s, she wore a black shirt and a red skirt.  Fugeo had brown hair and wore a red jacket with a blue shirt underneath and a pair of blue shorts.  Diamonds hair was the same color as before and she wore a white summer dress.  Mendeleine had reddish-brown hair and red shirt on she also had some pants on about the same color as her wings.  Saph looked a lot like a male version of his sister but his cloths matched his colors as a dragon.  Neo no longer had hair on his body except his head, it had remained the same color and he wore a brown shirt and a pair of tan shorts.  

They all stood and looked at their new bodies.  “What happened to us?”  Spyro asked.
chapter 3

so they turn human... i know the discriptions are small so if you spot any missing details just try and fill them in...
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COOL, as the great jedi master yoda might say, MUCH AWESOMENESS I SENSE HERE! Keep it up, bro!
i have an idea
(but you might not do it)
BigDrawMan May 31, 2009  Student General Artist
hehe this is getting interesting...
are you sure about the ninjas?
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