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February 4, 2009
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Chapter 4

After about an hour of walking Rick was starting to feel tired and began to fall asleep.  Sophie who was walking in front of him suddenly heard a thud and turned around to see that Rick had lost consciousness “RICK!!!” she yelled running up to him.  “WAKE UP!!!” Sophie cried while shaking his shoulder.  Rick woke up once again in convexity.  “Oh not again!” He yelled, “IGNITUS!”  “Hello again, my apologies but it has come to my attention that you might need abit of combat training.”  “Training?  But I did fine before..”  “Yes but had it not been for Sophie you would have lost your ability to fly forever.”  “Oh…”

“Now, what I want you to do is go from the platform you are on to the temple in the distance, you must learn to control your balance and timing, these platforms around you, they look easy enough but don’t be fooled they are much harder to land on then you think.”  “Wait I want some answers first!”  There was a long pause and then Ignitus said, “Very well I suppose you do deserve to know what’s going on.  I shall answer your question from our last encounter first.  You are here because of fate, my young friend, you are a void dragon, an extremely rare dragon capable of power equal to that of the purple dragon, though I doubted the existence of such a creature until now, but unfortunately I know not your powers but I can teach you how to unlock them, you must do what you are meant to do, you were chosen by the dragon ancestors to help Spyro and Cynder defeat an evil dragon named Malefor.”

“Who’s that?” Richard asked, puzzled  “Malefor is the first purple dragon, but he wasn’t what the ancestors had hoped for, Malefor was evil and his only cause was to destroy our world. I fear that he is returning, those creatures you fought before, they are his minions and their presence is a bad sign. But I fear that Spyro might not be strong enough to stop him.”  “Why does this concern me?”  “Because Malefor knows of your world, if he conquers our world then he will attempt to conquer Earth and everything will be destroyed.  You must help Spyro or we are all doomed.  Now do what you are here for, go to the temple I’ll explain what to do next once you get there.”  Rick thought for a second and then said, “This actually makes sense, I always felt like I didn’t belong with other people, I guess I was meant to be with other dragons.”  He looked at the bracer on his wrist, “This thing isn’t something to be upset about. If this is my fate to be a dragon, then I should just accept it.”  Rick looked up at the floating temple, “This shouldn’t be too hard.”  He crouched down, unfolded his wings then jumped, and he flew and landed on the nearest platform. For the next half-hour he continued this, a few times he had even made a mistake and had to back-track.

When he got to the temple, he saw the source of the purple aura from his previous visit in convexity was a large circle on the ground, Rick walk towards it and look into it.  “Ingitus?  What’s this.”  “Step into it and I’ll show you,” Ignitus replied.  Rick did as Ignitus said.  “Good, now concentrate search for a power within yourself, the same power that allowed you to use your void breath in the fight.  Once you find this power immerse yourself in it, let it fill your body.”  Rick was starting to feel something so he closed his eyes, a purple aura began to surround his body and he stood up on his back legs then lunged forward,  pounding the ground with his front paws.  A loud explosion was heard all around him, he opened his eyes to see a large orb of purple energy around him.  “Wow.” He said then looked around the temple and noticed a single glowing door; Rick smirked and lowered himself down into a battle stance.  He remained that way for a few seconds then began to charge at the door taking the energy orb with him and when it made contact with the door, it exploded, then imploded, taking the door into oblivion.  “Nice…” Rick said, slowing to a walk “Ok...what do I do now.”

“Practice of course.” Ignitus answered.  Rick saw a long spiraling walkway in front of his with statues spread throughout it.  He began to walk but as soon as he got near the first statue it began to move.  Rick stopped and looked at it while it stepped off its pedestal.  It raised its sword above its head and charged at Rick.  The dragon growled and used his breath attack on the statue, which disappeared like the grubblins and orcs from before.  Rick realized that each statue would attempt to attack him so he started to run up the path, smashing the statues with his tail and making them disappear with his breath attack.  “This is cool.” Rick thought.  When he got to the end of the path he heard Ignitus say, “Good now it’s time for you to go.”  “Rick?! RICK! WAKE UP.” He heard, then he began to fall. Rick looked around and saw that everything was disappearing, then suddenly he opened his eyes and quickly sprang up.  “Oh thank the ancestors your ok.” Sophie said while stepping in front of him.  Rick looked at her and saw that she had been crying, most likely from fear. “I’m- I’m fine.” he said with a smile.  Sophie smiled at him in relief and helped him up and began to lead Rick towards Warfang, “come on we should go.” Rick nodded and then asked, “Hey Sophie, who’s Malefor?”  She looked at him now as if very sad.
heres chapter 4 for my fanfic :)

editing done by :iconloyboys:

all characters are copyright to their respective owners
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DragonofDarkness1992 Feb 5, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Great great story... it is getting really exciting...
Btw if you have some use of my characters so just say it... (^_^)
ok, i might use draco
DragonofDarkness1992 Feb 6, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Great thanks. :hug: :D
Nice! You are really good!

Fugeo: But Rick should explain Sophie what just happened!
he will, thats why he asked who malefor was at the end of the chapter she will answer him then ask how he learned that name

Fugeo: You said I show up in Chapter 5... is this actual or do I arrive later?
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