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February 1, 2009
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Chapter 3
“Ignitus?”  Rick asked.  “Yes I suppose that name would sound strange to a human” Ignitus answered.  Rick look at him surprised “How did you-" "I am the Chronicler. I watch over the many realms and record their history,” interrupted Ignitus.  Rick sat down and asked, “How did I get here, what’s going on, and why am I a dragon?!”  “Patience my young friend, your questions will be answered in due time.” Ignitus answered, “But for now let’s get you somewhere less stressful.”
The silver dragon looked to his left and said, “Here take this portal” a portal appeared on one edge of the platform, “It will take you to the Valley of Avalar.”  “Uum, ok.” Rick said while nervously walking towards the portal. “Any place is better than this.” he thought, but before he walked through he looked back at were Ignitus stood and noticed he was gone.  “What in the...never mind,” Rick said, then stepped through the portal and found himself on top of a waterfall over-looking a huge valley.  “Whoa… this place, it… amazing,”  He said.  Rick looked over the waterfalls edge and became alittle nervous, then up again “well I guess I'd better learn to fly” Rick said, unfolding his wings.

Just as he was about to jump he heard something behind him, Rick started to turn around but before he could something hit him in the side knocking him off the cliff.  He fell down into the water, disoriented.  He began to swim towards the surface and gasped for air as burst through the surface.  “WHAT WAS THAT?!” Rick said.  He looked around for whatever had attacked him and realized that the whole bank was surrounded by ugly frog-fly monsters and other monsters that wielded large axes.  One of the frog-flies let out a strange sound and then fly towards him.  Before the creature could grab him Rick dove under the water and swam away as fast as he could.  “What are these things?” he thought, “I can’t get away, I’m going to need to fight.”  He surfaced very quickly got a deep breath, then dived down again.  Rick swam as deep as he could then flipped over and faced the surface, then started to swim as fast as he could, using his wings to gain extra speed.

When Rick reached the surface he leapt completely out of the water and all the frog-flies charged at him while the other creatures lifted there axes in the air.  Rick began to pump his wings as fast as he could and began to gain altitude.  When he was at a good height Rick did a back flip and used his tail to slice open the neck of a frog-fly with perfect accuracy.  “Hmm I guess this is pretty cool.” Rick thought.  He did a 360 degree turn just as another frog-fly flew towards him, but he missed and the monster tore the flight membrane in his right wing with a small dagger.  “AHHHHH!!!” Rick yelled as he fell to the ground.  “Ouch…” he said once he landed.  The axe wielding monsters surrounded him and one raised its weapon high above its head preparing for the final blow.  The creature swung it weapon at Rick’s neck, but he saw it just in time and rolled to the side.  “Hey!!!” he yelled at the monster, then lunged at it.  Rick tackled it grabbed its axe and tore the weapon from its hands.  He raised it high above and swung down decapitating the monster.  He then spun around and threw the axe in a way that it spun very quickly and cleaves almost all of the other axe users in half and killed 4 more frog-flies.  Rick turned around and glared at the other creatures; he smirked and started to feel something in the back of his throat.  He took a deep breath and then opened his jaws releasing a powerful laser-like attack of purple energy that rocketed towards the creatures.  As it made contact with the first monster it went right through its body and then exploded in a purple ball of energy that surrounded the creatures then imploded until it disappeared, taking the creatures with it.

Rick closed his mouth and then said “WHOA!!! THAT WAS AWSOME!!! I didn’t know I could to that… but where did they go?”  He thought for a second then concluded it wasn’t important, he remembered that his wing membrane was cut up so he unfolded his wing and looked at it.  “Ah man.  This sucks.”  Rick complained “Maybe I can help.” A soft voice said from behind him; Rick turned around and saw before him another dragon only this one was a female she had purple scales, feathery wings that were different colors and she wore a necklace that had a ruby in it, with matching bracelets on her front paw. She had two yellow horns and a line of spikes that went down her tail, which had fur on the end of it.  She had a mane of orchid hair; Rick looked at her eyes and saw that they were an emerald green.  She smiled softly at him and said “My name’s Sophie.”  He looked at her speechlessly “Wow she’s beautiful” he thought.  She smiled shyly again and said in a shy voice, “I’m sorry about that I really am, those things were after me, they’re called grubbins and the axe wielders and called orcs.  I didn’t mean for you to get in a fight meant for me, and… I’m sorry about you wing, maybe I can help”  “Oh uum its ok.” Rick said, “At least I know how to fight now… sort of.”  Sophie walked up to him and said, “Well thank you anyway, but what kind of dragon are you?  I myself am an aura dragon; I can control light and the invisible auras that surround all living things.”  Rick answered, “I don’t really know what I am but I think I can control shadows or something like that, I mean that attack thing I used isn’t normal is it.”  Sophie shook her head and said, “Enough questions, let me see your wing, I can heal it for you.”

“You’re not from around here are you?” Sophie asked as she used her aura powers to heal Rick’s wing.  “No I’m not, I’m from another planet called Earth, in fact I don’t even think it’s in this dimension.” He answered.  Sophie lets go of his wing, looked at him and said, “Well maybe my friend can help you get home, his name is Spyro and he’s a very powerful and rare dragon.  Come with me I can bring you to Warfang that’s where he and Cynder his girlfriend live.”  Rick thought for a second then said, “Well ok thanks.” Then started to follow her through the valley of Avalar.
heres chapter 3 of my fanfic, and the introduction of Rick's first companian, if you read :iconloyboys: fanfic your recognize her

editing done by :iconloyboys:
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COOL! Keep up you work!

Fugeo: Indeed!!!
DragonofDarkness1992 Feb 2, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So exciting... I'll put this story on my list over fanfic's I'm reading. :D
kwl thx, i know its alittle slow right now but it will get better
DragonofDarkness1992 Feb 3, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It is good really good. :)
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